Cheri Greable accepts most major insurance including Cigna & Aetna as well as MaineCare. Hourly rates start at $110.00. Special circumstances may allow for a sliding fee schedule. You may contact Cheri Greable to find out if you qualify or if your insurance is accepted.  All insurance co-pays are required at time of appointment.

Prepare For Your Visit

Suggest questions to ask your insurance company:

1) Does my policy cover this service?

2) Do I have a deductible?

3) Do I have a co-pay?

4) Do I have coverage for this provider?

In Home/ On Site Therapy  Service Rates

A $15.00 travel fee is charged. In home service is only available within a 20 mile radius of our Scarborough office.

Please note:
If you are unable to keep the appointment you have reserved, please call with more than 24 hours notice to avoid being charged.